Planes made from foam board found at Dollar Tree.... YES only $1. per sheet.

The plans, for these and many, many other models, can be downloaded from: or a "quick build kit" ordered for around $29.95 to about $49. and comes with control horns, linkages, plywood motor mount, etc. Check them out. They are really easy to build, just watch the build videos posted on their site and also on youtube.

My spitfire was built from the "speed build kit" ordered from FLITE TEST but you can also download the FREE plans. It will take 3 to 4 sheets of foam and 2 or 3 sticks of hot glue (4 or 5 if you are using mini glue sticks) and one or two evenings to complete the build. 

If you are scratch building from the free downloaded plans, you can order parts such as wood firewalls and control horns, quick links, control rods, etc. from Flite Test.

Click on the logo below to the "Flite Test" web site

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