Hi and welcome to MPPA!!! Here's a little bit about how I ended up in R/C. My Uncle flew them down in Miami when I was growing up. I always loved watching him but never thought I could do it. Way too many years later, I met the friendly crowd of pilots at the Markham Park Airfield who told me I could do this and here I am. I took my very first lesson in May of 2006 from David Storer, our resident Flight Instructor and I was hooked.  My first plane was a hand me down red Kadet Senior that sadly only survived a few months before I stalled it on short final and turned it back into a kit!!! Since then, I've added a lot to my hangar...someone should've told me how addicting this hobby is!!!  I've had the great opportunity to fly some awesome planes early on including a 46% Ultimate Bipe, and an F-16 Turbine. I've also been in one of our lakes to retrieve one of my errant planes!   When I changed my AMA license number to the word PINK, the AMA wrote a newsletter article about me as promotion for getting vanity AMA numbers.  I have made some fabulous friends at this airfield (and even officiated at the marriage of two of them) We are a very diverse crowd. Young, Old, and everything in between from all walks of life!
I joined MPPA during my first year of flying and have served as Director once,  Vice-President twice and President four times. I appreciate the confidence the club members have in me. I have a pretty down to earth leadership style. Make the field a safe, friendly, fun place to be for all types of flying. Members are encouraged to give their input and ideas for airfield improvements and events. The club works best when we all brainstorm together. I cannot stress enough that without our tireless volunteers, none of our events could take place.
Our club encourages all types of model aviation, whether it's electric, glow, gas or turbine. Fixed wing, helicopter or multi-rotor. They all have a place at our airfield...which is arguably one of the best on the East Coast.  So whether you are a rank beginner interested in learning how to fly or a seasoned veteran who builds from scratch, you are welcome here. We look forward to having you in our club.
Safe Flights!
Beverly Jo Cole

Notes From Our President

Beverly Jo Cole.