Hi, I'm your new Vice President and here is a little about my background  building and flying model airplanes.

I started when I was 8 (about 1951) and I believe that was before radio control existed. I built a U-controlled model and I sucessfuly flew it with the help of a friend. It was an 049 glow powered plane and I flew the wings off ot it. I had hundreds of flights with it until the firewall got so fuel soaked that the engine flew off the plane in flight.

Then it was a few years before I got into radio controlled planes. My first was a single channel rudder only pulse controlled plane called "school girl"  Later I graduated to a 3 channel "galloping ghost" radio and that was a blast. How many of you know what kind of transmitter and receiver that was or remember it? It goes back a few years! Next I built a "silver 7 transmitter" and it worked so well I built a couple more for competition flyers. That was way before computer programming! Now I have the latest (but not the greatest) but what an improvement over the years.

I first joined the MPPA club in 1992. I've seen the club go through some "ups and downs" grin.... but for the most part there were many great friendships formed and a LOT of great times.

My goal as a board member is to keep the club on an even keel and help the club to be a place where all flyers are happy and comfortable. Our club sponsored activities should be varied and take in all the different aspects of model airplane flying. 

Let me, or one of the other club members know your interest and what you would like to see as an activity for your club. Yes, it is YOUR club and not mine. I am just a member like you and want this to be a fun and happy club for all the members. We can't just please a few all the time, it has to be a fun club for everyone. Yep sometimes we work together to make another interest group happy but other times they will will be helping you. Group events are most fun when you participate or are there helping. You'll find that most pilots have more than just one area of interest and that's the great part of learning who shares yours. 

There are many more benefits to being a club member than there is work. But my experience has taught me that helping in club activities has been much more rewarding than the work I put in. So LETS SHARE THE FUN. 

David Kruger